Tugs Live Tuesdays! Nov 14

Come and join us for Tugs Live every Tuesday night starting November 14th! Support local Music! Featuring 6 artists per night. $5 cover at door gets you a glass of beer and all proceeds go straight to the local talent. Any interested preformers encouraged to contact us at tugstaphouse@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “Tugs Live Tuesdays! Nov 14

  1. Peter Whitehead says:

    Hello I’m interested in possibly performing. I’d be happy to come in and demo to make sure I’m up to the caliber you’d like.

  2. Scott Cudney says:

    I am reaching out to you to introduce you to our band. We are Typical Underground based in Kelowna( I live in OK Falls). We are a rock trio that plays original rock music and we are looking to book show dates at venues within the Okanagan for 2018. We are interested in your Tug’s Live Tuesday night event and would like more information as to how to book a time slot.

    Our website has samples of 4 songs that make up our recently released EP “Eyes Open Wide”.

    Thank you for your time

    Scott Cudney
    Typical Underground

  3. Tomy Thisdale says:

    Hi Sloane!

    I just sent an email through your contact page but here is the info again in case that other way doesn’t get through 🙂

    I would like to introduce The Carbons and enquire about available dates in the spring for live music events! We are currently booking for April through October. Please see some of our availability below but let us know if those do not work and we will figure out something that works!

    The Carbons are a British Columbia based groove rock band! The 3 piece formed in July of 2017 with Tomy ‘Burger’ Thisdale on lead vocals and guitars, Connor ‘Deeds’ McDonald on harmonies and guitars and Natte ‘Dizzle’ Murdoch on Drums. The Carbons quickly hit the stage after only a month of rehearsal and have been spreading their sound like wildfire ever since! With a mix of Blues, Funk, Reggae, and Rock, The Carbons have been shaking hips and stomping feet in popular watering holes like Doc Willoughby’s, Sessions Taphouse, and O’flannigans. After receiving amazing support in only a few months, The Carbons headed to Arc House Studio and finished tracking their first full length album in January 2018. They will be unleashing their songs in the second quarter of 2018 and are currently booking shows accross western Canada. Keep your radio turned up and tuned in to a rock station and you should hear from them very soon.



    Music Videos

    Give Me Your Love




    Upcoming Dates

    April 20
    May 4, 18, 19
    June 1,2

    • Tugs Admin says:

      Hi Tomy,

      Sorry for the late reply, I am new to this website stuff and I didn’t see this message untill today. I will take a look at your music and pass it along to Duane, the owner, who has taken over the Tueday music nights. Thank you again

      Chat soon

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